The first augmented reality game from Entity 3 is now available on the App Store

Launch your team of rocket cows in this physics puzzler and eliminate those abducting little aliens!

Indie games company Entity3 launches its first augmented reality game, Rocket Cows! With a creative mix of game mechanics, simple original design and some catchy music makes this game an addictive physics-puzzler with some explosive action.

Screenshot Promo Image

The cows are ’udderly’ fed up being abducted by little green (sometimes purple) aliens and now they have taken the Princess. Time for some payback with the Rocket Cows!

Strap an explosive rocket to a cow and see how much destruction can be made over 80 challenging levels. The goal is to eliminate all aliens by launching the unique team of battle hardened rocket cows at the alien strongholds. Power-up the team with 8 unlockable rockets to strike a massive blow that really packs a punch!

Rocket Cows was designed primarily for a augmented reality experience which boasts the ability to move around the game scene as it appears in your room or any outside area. With an added bonus feature of a standard 3D mode for when your perhaps on the train or just can’t get off the sofa!

Destroy all Aliens! in augmented reality

Available to pre order now. Released exclusively on iOS from 25th January 2018