The fast reaction arcade game from Entity3 will be available from the 21st Sept for iOS. Download for free to challenge your reactions and your friends in this endless arcade ball game!

Methodize Promo Image

Entity3 launches its latest arcade game, Methodize. A simple one touch game which challenges your reactions to the max! Addictive, fun and super fast this is the game for a novice and a master!

Test your reactions and download Methodize! Three rapidly fast game modes wherein the longer you play the faster it becomes. The player objective is to direct the balls to the correct container to score as many points as possible before you make a colourful mistake!

Methodize Promo Image

How do you play?

Each time a coloured ball drops from the tube, tap and hold the same colour container to bounce the ball the correct way. The higher your score the faster the balls will drop. Colour distraction, ball speed and pattern changes all add to the mayhem and to make things more difficult, your containers will start to overflow! Drop a purge ball at the right time to keep alive and get maximum points!

Methodize launches with three addictive modes with more faster and modes to come soon!

Ever wondered how quick your reactions are!?